Wednesday, February 10, 2010


When I first decided to write a children's book, my initial thought was: How hard can it be? Then as I really got down to writing the book and editing it over and over again, I realized it was hard work. I think this is one of the many hurdles that stops a lot of would be writers. This is the place that you really have to ask yourself: why am I writing this book? I think there are lots of reasons why people write. Some like the idea of it. They want to see there book in a bookstore. They like the fame it may bring them. Then there are those that think there is money to be made. They have obviously heard the Stephanie Meyers and JK Rowling stories and think that happens all the time. Then there are the rest of us. The ones that have something to say and think that our thoughts and experiences might actually help others. That is what I found out about my self. You have to really love writing to go through the editing and submission process. Which brings me to my second hurdle. SUBMISSIONS! This is the second place that most writers give up. You have to truly believe in your work and push hard, never giving up even as you get rejection after rejection. So, ask yourself: Why do I want to write?


  1. Just found your blog and wanted to be the first to welcome you to the blogosphere!

    Beware: it is addicting and will pull you away from your writing but in the end, you will meet some really great aspiring authors and friends!!!

    Good luck!

  2. I just completed my first book, and it is daunting. You really just have to love to write. Now that I am facing submissions and edits, I have learned the real work has just begun. I had to reluctantly start another project just to keep my nerves calm.

  3. Me too!! Starting a new project is what has saved me from having a nervous breakdown! My home computer has no internet so that means no checking my e-mail 100 times in 30 minutes!