Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Writing World

The last couple of post have been about the frustrations and difficulties that come with writing, but there is something that makes being part of the writing world different from any other. It's the sense of community that you find. For me, the experience of meeting and communicating with other writers has been surprising. I don't think I expected other writers to jump at the chance to help a beginner like me, but they did. Other writers have been so willing to answer my questions and share their experiences about what has worked for them and what hasn't. My biggest question is why? I think it is because when a writer succeeds other writers celebrate with them. I love being part of that! I love the honesty with which other writers answer questions and I love the fact that even those that have been successfully published are always willing to take time to help us beginners. So if you haven't contacted other writers, what are you waiting on? They are the most reliable and valuable resources we have! Remember they've already been there! They've written query letters, dealt with submissions and handled rejections! Find out how they did it. I do want to make a suggestion though. Be respectful of their time and advice. Make sure and let them know how much you appreciate them taking the time to answer you!


  1. You're so right, Jaci! I'm always so amazed at how upbeat other writers can be, when trying to help one another out--even when all we have to talk about is rejections. It's always nice to have colleagues in the trenches with you who know what to expect. Thanks for a wonderful post! :)

  2. I agree with you. I've joined the Maryland Writer's Assocation and it was the best experience of my writing career.

  3. Haha it is pretty amazing, the writing community. Like I imagine there are millions of little communities for everything you want to do, but considering it's such a competitive field it is amazing how eager everyone is to help each other out. You don't see actors doing that...

    I love it. I've learnt so much in the past year because of this community. I've developed in and grown so much because I have people to talk to and to share with.

    I'm lucky, a friend of mine only lives a few roads down and we like reading the same books and are both writers, so we can share things with each other. Having someone to read your stuff is always nice. Feedback and tips are important!

    And I'm glad you liked my latest post! I feel like it was perfectly timed, considering! Someone sent me a spreadsheet that they use when they write scripts, I may upload that too - I'm sure the same principles apply to all storytelling.

  4. Great post!! I totally agree with you. Writing before I realized the joy of corresponding with other writers was such a solo affair. Who knew there were so many in the world who understood what made me so different from all the non-writers?

    Great to meet you.


    from the desk of a writer